Greens-EFA group website and embedded video recording (not complete):

Audio (complete):

Presentations available:

-Tendencies in pesticide use, pesticides and GMO and effects of agro-chemicals on human health and the environment
Bram de Borst, Chairman of the Board of IHPA  introduction-pesticides-29-09-16

-Introduction and Conventions for Pesticides and Chemicals Management
John Vijgen, Director of IHPA john-ppt-format-eu-fao-3-conventions-eu-fao-form-28-09-16

-Containment problems at a coastal storage of obsolete pesticides in Denmark
Maiken Fourbye, Krüger A/S  brussels-d-290916-maiken-faurbye

-The Inquinosa megasite, former production site of pesticides in Aragón
Miguel Martinez Tomey, Vice-President of EFA  aragon-case

-Megasite as burden and challenge for regional government of Aragón
Sandra Ortega, General Director for Sustainability of the Government of Aragón  presentacion-bruselas-29-september-2016

-Megasites in Europe: the magnitude of the problem
John Vijgen, Director of IHPA  megasites-jv-26-09-16-def-2

-Road Map for environmentally sound hazardous waste management in EECCA countries and challenges for the future
Bram de Borst
, Chairman of the Board of IHPA  road-map-bram-29-09-16

-EU policies on Circular Economy
Pierre Henry, Deputy Head of Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy, DG Environment  circular-economy-ph-29092016


-Richard Thompson (FAO): statement-by-richard-thompson

-Dr. Archalus Tcheknavorian-Asenbauer (UNEP): main-point-of-conclusions-for-ihpa

Other documents:

-Roland Weber: Pentachlorobenzene as New POPs -Inventory Data & The Reality  00_weberr_global-pecb-hcb_111101

-IHPA: comments on the draft EU-UIP (Union Implementation Plan)
in the frame of the Stockholm Convention, 13 May 2016  comments-to-eu-uip-15-may-subtit-13-may-2016-def

-Annex: HCH stockpiles and contaminated sites information in some updated NIPs  nex-1-hch-stockpiles-and-contaminated-sites-information-in-some-updated-nips-autosaved

-Consumers’ Compensation for Damage Caused in the Context of Environmental Contamination – Inputs from EU Product Safety Legislation  lindane-april-2016

-Key messages of the 13th International HCH & Pesticides Forum, held in Zaragoza 3-6 November 2015, organized by the International HCH & Pesticides Association, the Aragon Government and SARGA  press-report-ihpa-v1-7-def

-IHPA: Improved Pesticides and Chemicals Management. Eastern Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia roadmap-summary-ihpa-v2-1-3c

-Andrej Machlica & Ján Chovanec: Chzjd Landfill in Vrakuna. The Sleeping Load of Bratislava   sleeping-load-of-bratislava-2015

-John Vijgen & P. C. Abhilash & Yi Fan Li & Rup Lal & Martin Forter & Joao Torres & Nandita Singh & Mohammad Yunus & Chongguo Tian & Andreas Schäffer & Roland Weber: Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) as new Stockholm Convention POPs—a global perspective on the management of Lindane and its waste isomers   vijgen-et-al_espr_2011_global-hch-inventory-stockholm-convention

-Peter Wycisk & Reiner Stollberg & Christian Neumann & Wolfgang Gossel & Holger Weiss & Roland Weber: Integrated methodology for assessing the HCH groundwater pollution at the multi-source contaminated mega-site Bitterfeld/Wolfen  wycisk-et-al_espr_2013_integrated-methodology-assessment-hch-groundwater-pollution-bitterfeld


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