Miguel Martínez Tomey, CHA’s Head of European Affairs: «We call for citizens’ participation because it can contribute to building a more cultured and respectful Europe with the rights of minorities, and this clearly benefits the interests of Aragon together with all the other European nationalities».

Press release. January 11, 2018. CHA calls for participation of all citizens to succeed at getting the Minority SafePack Initiative go through to the legislating institutions for the sake of protecting the minority languages and cultures of Europe.

«Driven by the Federal Union of European Nationalities, this is an initiative that, if finally approved, would directly benefit Aragón and contribute, without a doubt, to making Europe a more cultured place and respectful of the rights of minorities», explains Martínez Tomey, Head of European Affairs at CHA.

The objective, according to the promoters, is: «To adopt a set of legal acts in order to improve the protection of persons belonging to national and linguistic minorities and strengthen the cultural and linguistic diversity of the Union. A legal package tan encompasses regional and minority languages, education and culture, regional policy, participation, equality, audiovisual and other media contents, as well as the support due recognition and support by EU national and regional governments».

One million signatures must be obtained to be able to get the initiative accepted. So far, the organizers indicate that 400,000 have already been collected and the the deadline set
April 2018, specifically until day two of the aforementioned month. Any individual wishing to support Minority SafePack Initiative has to be a citizen of the EU legally entitled to vote in the European Parliament election.

To participate:

– Signature online: https://ec.europa.eu/citizens-initiative/32/public/#/

– Signature on paper: http://www.minority-safepack.eu/#collect

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